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What is a Motorbike Roadworthy Certificate?

A Motorbike Roadworthy Certificate allows you too be sure that your vehicle is safe for you, your family and others to drive and be on the road around you. A good thing for everyone really, so it's essential for the sale of a registered motorbike or vehicle.

A Roadworthy or now know as a Safety Certificate also allows you to sell your Motorbike as a registered vehicle in Queensland. A valid safety certificate must be displayed on the Motorbike throughout the sale process and at the time of sale. Be safe, have fun and give us a call today!

Or maybe you just want In November 1999, the Roadworthy certificate replaced the roadworthy certificate. A Roadworthy certificate covers basic things that could affect the safe operation of the vehicle, such as:

- Tyres
- Brakes
- Steering
- Suspension
- Body rust or damage
- Windscreen
- Lights.

The Roadworthy certificate is designed to offer buyers better protection and to ensure newly registered vehicles are safe. This means there will be fewer unsafe vehicles on Queensland roads, reducing the likelihood of crashes caused by defective vehicles.

A Motorbike Roadworthy certificate is a document provided by an authorised Motorbike or vehicle inspection provider and gives a detailed report of the Motorbikes condition.

How do I obtain a Motorbike Roadworthy Certificate?

In Queensland you must obtain and display a Roadworthy certificate on any registered light vehicle including your Motorbike from the moment you offer the Motorbike or vehicle for sale. It is also a requirement for unregistered second hand and registered interstate vehicles to obtain a Roadworthy certificate as part of the Queensland pre-registration process (unless exempt).

Vehicles include Motorbike, motorbikes, Motorbikes (including Motorbikes) with an aggregate Motorbike mass (ATM) of 0.751–3.50 tonnes (t) and any other vehicles up to 4.50 t gross vehicle mass (GVM).

Simply get in touch with our friendly and professional Caraavan Roadworthy certificate specialist team and let us organise a vehicle inspector to visit you at your home or office to carry out any testing of the vehicle you intend on registering or selling.

Vehicle registration transfer

Download a Vehicle Registration Transfer Application form (F3520).

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